At Inca Health we manufacture natural botanical extracts from herbs found in the Peruvian Rainforest and Andes Mountains.

Final Products - Maca Extract

INCA HEALTH proudly introduces our Inca Maca Extract, known as the vitality secret of Incas. Our Maca Extract is obtained through an Hidroalcoholic extraction and a temperature control spray-dried process to preserve their natural active compounds.

Inca Maca Extract has the highest content of MACAMIDES and MACAENES which are the active ingredients responsible for the Maca Benefits. Our Maca Extract is also rich in essential minerals such as phosphorus, iodine, potassium, sodium, manganese, calcium, iron and magnesium.

Inca Maca Extract is soluble in water and is the ingredient most used for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. Since our Inca Maca Extract possesses the unusual ability to adapt to your body's metabolism, it works naturally with your individual body to increase your energy and vitality!

At INCA HEALTH, a laboratory specialized in the research and development of native plants from the Peruvian Rainforest and Andes Mountains, we are committed to bringing the most pure and powerful Maca Extracts to our customers with the greatest concentration of unique components and the most possible benefits.

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